Wednesday, Mar. 1, 2023 -- Regional Circuit: Boston and Bangor

In the Regional Circuit, we staff up multiple of our airports to provide pilots with an opportunity to receive 'gate-to-gate' ATC service for the duration of the event. Pilots are encouraged to fly between the airports and make the return flight if time allows; however, traffic from other airports is welcome as well. The Regional Circuit always creates an immersive atmosphere with busy frequencies and congested airways between the host airports. This Regional Circuit features Boston (KBOS) and Bangor (KBGR) airports. Event Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023 Event Time: 1900-2200 ET {2359-0300Z} It’s also a great time to try out one of our WINGS flights. Remember, many of the flights have published Alternate Airports, allowing you to earn your BVA pilot ratings at event airports!

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