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Cape Air Virtual (CAV) is Boston Virtual ARTCC's official virtual airline operating on the VATSIM network. We offer a realistic, professional, and enjoyable virtual airline experience for all BVA members and controllers. Enjoy flying on one of our routes, flying with professional ATC service, or collaborating with other pilots!

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Recent Flights
Flight # Pilot Dep ICAO Arr ICAO Landing Rate
9K8784 KAP525 KPWM KACK -146fpm
9K902 KAP524 KBOS KACK -131fpm
9K8815 KAP782 KBDL KHPN -76fpm
9K1855 KAP502 KBOS KRKD -241fpm
9K8785 KAP525 KACK KPWM -196fpm
9K8825 KAP782 KPWM KBTV -65fpm
9K8806 KAP508 KMVY KBDL -78fpm
9K9499 KAP525 KMVY KACK -133fpm
9K9498 KAP525 KACK KMVY -88fpm
9K8749 KAP577 KBDL KACK -52fpm
Upcoming/Live Flights
Pilot Flight No. Dep ICAO Arr ICAO PAX Cargo Aircraft Status
Dana Atwood 9K163 KHYA KMVY 7 1,131.17lb C402 Booked
Mark Lemire 9K9427 KPHL KUNV 5 1,195.11lb C402 Booked
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