About Us | Cape Air Virtual (CAV)

Cape Air Virtual is Boston Virtual ARTCC’s (BVA) official virtual airline operating on the VATSIM network. Since 2008, we have maintained our mission of providing a realistic, professional, and enjoyable virtual airline experience to all of our pilots. Throughout the years we have grown in our capabilities, infrastructure, and pilot community. In partnership with the BVA community, pilots enjoy professional ATC service when flying on the VATSIM network.

At Cape Air Virtual, we model our operations after the real-work Cape Air airline based in Hyannis, Massachusetts. We fly the Cessna 402C, the Tecnam P2012 Traveller, The Britten-Norman Islander (BN2), and the Cessna Caravan EX across our route network (appropropriate substitutions allowed, of course).

We maintain Cape Air schedules on our dispatch center that include all of its routes in the Northeast US, Midwest, Montana, and the Caribbean. In addition, we maintain over 100 virtual routes throughout the ZBW airspace, and over 1000 scheduled flights. There’s always a scenery to explore, or an approach to challenge you.

In coordinate with BVARTCC, we simulate Cape Air operations whenever possible, including Company specific coded routes into and out of Logan (KBOS) and the Cape Code area airports, and special handling at Logan with alternate runway assignments, intersection departures, and taxi routes.

Our group flights are intended to be fun and social, but they’re also a great place to learn, whether it be hearing other pilots use the radios and how they plan their flights, or asking questions about anything from flight operations to the best sim aircraft to fly.

We have some generous volunteers who make-up Cape Air liveries for our aircraft, including liveries of our sister airline operating as Nantucket Airlines. We also have a number of Members who are also Vatsim air traffic controllers who share their knowledge, and help us better negotiate Vatsim airspace.