Crew Profile | Mark (KAP222)

User Details
Pilot ID: KAP222
Rank: Trainee
Crew Base: Boston Logan International Airport (KBOS)
Location: U.S.A U.S.A
Wallet/XP: $2,232.72 / 4,970XP
Best Landing: -63.00fpm on 2024-02-29 at KEWB
Pilot Statistics - 30 Days
Hours: 7:39
Flights: 7
Miles: 1,010nm
Fuel Used: 1529lb
Passengers 28
Cargo: 9025lb
Pilot Statistics - All Time
Hours: 11:26
Flights: 11
Miles: 1,329nm
Fuel Used: 2562lb
Passengers 29
Cargo: 21748lb
Avg Landing Rate: -164fpm
Avg Perf Score: 90.36%
Pilot Awards

No awards have been assigned.

Latest Flights
Flight Number Date From To Duration Aircraft ACARS Landing Rate
KAP947 2024-02-29 K5B2 KEWB 01:19:14 Cape Air Cessna... -63fpm
KAP3047 2024-02-28 KALB KBOS 01:12:40 Cape Air Cessna... -212fpm
KAPT944 2024-02-25 KLCI K5B2 01:08:43 Cape Air Cessna... -268fpm
KAPT938 2024-02-20 KEEN KHFD 00:58:04 Cape Air Cessna... -127fpm
9K932 2024-02-12 KALB KBOS 01:00:58 Cape Air Cessna... -84fpm
KAP929 2024-02-12 KMVY KALB 01:28:09 Cape Air Cessna... -98fpm
KAPT923 2024-02-09 KBOS KPVD 00:31:38 Cape Air Cessna... -186fpm
9K920 2024-02-01 KBOS KBOS 00:34:29 Cape Air Cessna... -158fpm
KAPT923 2023-12-12 KBOS KPVD 00:49:20 Cessna 208B Gra... -224fpm
KAP5341 2023-12-11 KACK KBOS 01:15:18 Cessna 208B Gra... -262fpm
KAP5411 2023-12-10 KBOS KACK 01:08:12 Cessna 208B Gra... -117fpm