Flight Report | 9K3166

Report Information
Pilot: Carl Rothenhaus (KAP195)
Flight Date 01 Dec 2023 22:12 UTC
Reveiw Status: Approved
Flight Number: 9K3166
Departure ICAO: KLEB
Arrival ICAO: KBDL
Alternate ICAO: N/A
Route: EEN
Aircraft: C414
Fuel Used: 80lb
Distance: 104nm
Passengers: 1
Cargo: 10lb
Departure Time: 21:55:00
Arrival Time: 22:42:00
Flight Duration: 00:47:00
Earnings: $174.72
Flight XP: 500
Performance Score: 100%
Landing Rate: N/A
Flight Type: Scheduled
Comments: Non-rev flight to get me down to BDL to partake in the FNO in the tower cab.
Performance Data

No performance data available.

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