Flight Report | 9K1850

Report Information
Pilot: Harry Yang (KAP336)
Flight Date 13 Sep 2023 19:09 UTC
Reveiw Status: Approved
Flight Number: 9K1850
Departure ICAO: KRKD
Arrival ICAO: KBOS
Alternate ICAO: N/A
Aircraft: Tango Cessna 414AW GTN750 WT Harry
Fuel Used: -931lb
Distance: 141nm
Passengers: 4
Cargo: 882lb
Departure Time: 18:40:21
Arrival Time: 19:36:29
Flight Duration: 00:56:08
Earnings: $236.88
Flight XP: 500
Performance Score: 100%
Landing Rate: -173fpm
Flight Type: Scheduled
Comments: ACARS flight.
Performance Data
Stall Detected: OK Crash Detected: OK
Landing Lights Below 10k: OK Landing Lights Above 10k: OK
Overspeed/Stress Detected: OK Taxi Overspeed: OK
Beacon Off - Engine On: OK Slew Detected: OK
Pause Detected: OK
Landing Rate: -173fpm) Takeoff G-Force: 1.03g Rotate Speed: 115kt Rotate Pitch: -2.55°
Rotate Bank: 0.31° Gear Up Speed: 118kt Gear Up Altitude: 150ft Takeoff Winds: 210/6kt
TAT DEP/ARR 22°C/24°C Touchdown G-Force: 1.17g Touchdown Speed: 102kt Touchdown Pitch: -3.42°
Touchdown Bank: -0.11° Gear Down Speed: 147kt Gear Down Alt: 1,170ft Landing Winds: 174/14kt
Spoilers Deploy: NO

[18:40:07utc] You have successfully logged in Harry Yang.
[18:40:20utc] Your flight to KBOS has now been started.
[18:40:21utc] Aircraft boarding in progress
[18:42:43utc] Starting engine(s)
[18:42:48utc] Landing lights ON
[18:44:04utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[18:45:42utc] Detected take-off roll, WIND 210/6kt
[18:46:00utc] Departing KRKD, IAS 115kt, G-force 1.03g, pitch -2.55deg, bank 0.31deg, VS -38fpm, HDG 194deg
[18:46:06utc] Gear UP, IAS 118kt, GS 113kt, ALT 150ft
[18:46:08utc] Aircraft at 190ft, IAS 120kt, GS 117kt, HDG 192deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 209/6kt
[18:46:34utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 127kt, GS 121kt, VS 2494fpm, ALT 830ft, PITCH -13.49deg, HDG 193deg, TAT 21deg, WIND 202/7kt
[18:52:59utc] Aircraft at 11120ft, IAS 138kt, GS 146kt, HDG 237deg, TAT 6deg, WIND 212/22kt
[18:54:24utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 183kt, GS 198kt, VS 53fpm, ALT 11120ft, PITCH -0.65deg, HDG 238deg, TAT 9deg, WIND 212/24kt
[18:54:25utc] Aircraft at 11120ft, IAS 183kt, GS 198kt, HDG 238deg, TAT 9deg, WIND 213/23kt
[19:09:50utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 11020ft, IAS 186kt, GS 198kt, HDG 204deg, VS -675fpm, TAT 8deg, WIND 219/26kt
[19:23:31utc] On approach, IAS 198, VS -338fpm, ALT 1500ft, pitch 0.38deg, HDG 200deg
[19:23:50utc] Aircraft at 1470ft, IAS 190kt, GS 187kt, HDG 200deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 169/11kt
[19:25:54utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 191kt, GS 185kt, VS 55fpm, ALT 1470ft, PITCH -0.11deg, HDG 220deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 180/16kt
[19:25:55utc] Aircraft at 1470ft, IAS 189kt, GS 185kt, HDG 223deg, TAT 24deg, WIND 179/15kt
[19:28:08utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 167kt, GS 156kt, VS 51fpm, ALT 1460ft, PITCH -0.98deg, HDG 197deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 165/20kt
[19:28:09utc] Aircraft at 1460ft, IAS 166kt, GS 156kt, HDG 197deg, TAT 23deg, WIND 166/20kt
[19:30:58utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 142kt, GS 132kt, VS 63fpm, ALT 1460ft, PITCH -3.03deg, HDG 197deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 172/17kt
[19:30:59utc] Aircraft at 1460ft, IAS 142kt, GS 132kt, HDG 197deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 174/17kt
[19:31:06utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 141kt, GS 128kt, VS 53fpm, ALT 1460ft, PITCH -3.8deg, HDG 197deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 178/18kt
[19:31:07utc] Aircraft at 1460ft, IAS 140kt, GS 128kt, HDG 197deg, TAT 22deg, WIND 177/17kt
[19:31:40utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 147kt, GS 134kt, ALT 1170ft
[19:32:09utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 137kt
[19:33:30utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 20ft, IAS 102kt, GS 97kt, HDG 199deg, VS -177fpm, TAT 23deg, WIND 170/8kt
[19:33:30utc] Landed with a landing rate of -173fpm, touchdown speed 102kt, G-force 1.17g, pitch -3.42deg, bank -0.11deg
[19:34:15utc] Aircraft taxiing to the ramp
[19:34:20utc] FLAPS UP
[19:35:42utc] Engine(s) shutdown
[19:35:42utc] Aircraft parked
[19:35:55utc] Landing lights OFF
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