Flight Report | 9K5411

Report Information
Pilot: Carl Rothenhaus (KAP195)
Flight Date 05 Jan 2024 01:01 UTC
Reveiw Status: Approved
Flight Number: 9K5411
Departure ICAO: KBOS
Arrival ICAO: KACK
Alternate ICAO: N/A
Aircraft: Nantucket Airlines Cessna 414AW GNS530
Fuel Used: 104lb
Distance: 91nm
Passengers: 2
Cargo: 49lb
Departure Time: 00:53:27
Arrival Time: 01:41:04
Flight Duration: 00:47:36
Earnings: $152.88
Flight XP: 465
Performance Score: 93%
Landing Rate: -198fpm
Flight Type: Scheduled
Comments: ACARS flight.
Performance Data
Stall Detected: OK Crash Detected: OK
Landing Lights Below 10k: OK Landing Lights Above 10k: OK
Overspeed/Stress Detected: OK Taxi Overspeed: OK
Beacon Off - Engine On: OK Slew Detected: OK
Pause Detected: OK
Landing Rate: -198fpm) Takeoff G-Force: 1.12g Rotate Speed: 112kt Rotate Pitch: -6.51°
Rotate Bank: 0.89° Gear Up Speed: 113kt Gear Up Altitude: 40ft Takeoff Winds: 310/18kt
TAT DEP/ARR 1°C/°C Touchdown G-Force: 1.08g Touchdown Speed: 76kt Touchdown Pitch: -6.87°
Touchdown Bank: 0.19° Gear Down Speed: 174kt Gear Down Alt: 500ft Landing Winds: NA
Spoilers Deploy: NO

[00:53:07utc] You have successfully logged in Carl Rothenhaus.
[00:53:23utc] Your flight to KACK has now been started.
[00:53:23utc] Aircraft boarding in progress
[01:00:35utc] Starting engine(s)
[01:04:44utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[01:08:35utc] Landing lights ON
[01:10:11utc] Detected take-off roll, WIND 310/18kt
[01:10:25utc] Departing KBOS, IAS 112kt, G-force 1.12g, pitch -6.51deg, bank 0.89deg, VS 272fpm, HDG 315deg
[01:10:26utc] Gear UP, IAS 113kt, GS 93kt, ALT 40ft
[01:10:55utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 118kt, GS 113kt, VS 1238fpm, ALT 720ft, PITCH -10.75deg, HDG 243deg, TAT -1deg, WIND 324/21kt
[01:12:49utc] Aircraft at 2850ft, IAS 160kt, GS 192kt, HDG 206deg, TAT -5deg, WIND 343/40kt
[01:13:48utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 173kt, GS 216kt, VS 100fpm, ALT 2840ft, PITCH -0.72deg, HDG 165deg, TAT -4deg, WIND 342/40kt
[01:13:50utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 2840ft, IAS 174kt, GS 216kt, HDG 165deg, VS -186fpm, TAT -4deg, WIND 342/40kt
[01:13:56utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 174kt, GS 216kt, VS 69fpm, ALT 2840ft, PITCH -1.13deg, HDG 166deg, TAT -4deg, WIND 342/40kt
[01:14:12utc] Aircraft at 2830ft, IAS 174kt, GS 216kt, HDG 165deg, TAT -4deg, WIND 343/41kt
[01:14:14utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 174kt, GS 216kt, VS 75fpm, ALT 2830ft, PITCH -1.84deg, HDG 165deg, TAT -4deg, WIND 343/40kt
[01:14:21utc] Aircraft at 2840ft, IAS 172kt, GS 214kt, HDG 165deg, TAT -5deg, WIND 342/40kt
[01:14:29utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 172kt, GS 214kt, VS 132fpm, ALT 2840ft, PITCH -0.7deg, HDG 165deg, TAT -5deg, WIND 342/39kt
[01:14:45utc] Aircraft at 2830ft, IAS 170kt, GS 212kt, HDG 165deg, TAT -5deg, WIND 341/39kt
[01:31:29utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 2690ft, IAS 177kt, GS 214kt, HDG 149deg, VS -567fpm, TAT -2deg, WIND 344/36kt
[01:33:14utc] Aircraft at 1610ft, IAS 187kt, GS 220kt, HDG 151deg, TAT 0deg, WIND 336/33kt
[01:36:02utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 1530ft, IAS 171kt, GS 192kt, HDG 099deg, VS -525fpm, TAT 0deg, WIND 336/35kt
[01:37:25utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 180kt
[01:37:28utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 174kt
[01:37:28utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 174kt, GS 165kt, ALT 500ft
[01:37:39utc] FLAPS FULL, IAS 140kt
[01:38:21utc] Aircraft at 50ft, IAS 81kt, GS 68kt, HDG 035deg, TAT 4deg, WIND 330/30kt
[01:38:22utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 50ft, IAS 78kt, GS 66kt, HDG 039deg, VS -194fpm, TAT 4deg, WIND 330/31kt
[01:38:23utc] Landed with a landing rate of -198fpm, touchdown speed 76kt, G-force 1.08g, pitch -6.87deg, bank 0.19deg
[01:38:33utc] Aircraft taxiing to the ramp
[01:39:04utc] FLAPS UP
[01:39:48utc] Landing lights OFF
[01:40:52utc] Engine(s) shutdown
[01:40:52utc] Aircraft parked
Flight Map