Flight Report | KAP983

Report Information
Pilot: Mark Silva (KAP222)
Flight Date 02 Apr 2024 00:04 UTC
Reveiw Status: Approved
Flight Number: KAP983
Departure ICAO: KBDL
Arrival ICAO: KBHB
Alternate ICAO: KBGR
Aircraft: Cape Air Cessna 414AW GTN750 WT
Fuel Used: 387lb
Distance: 309nm
Passengers: 7
Cargo: 849lb
Departure Time: 22:15:40
Arrival Time: 00:09:08
Flight Duration: 01:53:28
Earnings: $519.12
Flight XP: 500
Performance Score: 100%
Landing Rate: -61fpm
Flight Type: Charter
Comments: wings ifr 22
Performance Data
Stall Detected: OK Crash Detected: OK
Landing Lights Below 10k: OK Landing Lights Above 10k: OK
Overspeed/Stress Detected: OK Taxi Overspeed: OK
Beacon Off - Engine On: OK Slew Detected: OK
Pause Detected: OK
Landing Rate: -61fpm) Takeoff G-Force: 1.07g Rotate Speed: 98kt Rotate Pitch: -5.73°
Rotate Bank: 0.1° Gear Up Speed: 116kt Gear Up Altitude: 360ft Takeoff Winds: 225/0kt
TAT DEP/ARR 15°C/6°C Touchdown G-Force: 1.13g Touchdown Speed: 74kt Touchdown Pitch: -6.27°
Touchdown Bank: 0.18° Gear Down Speed: 140kt Gear Down Alt: 2,830ft Landing Winds: 206/11kt
Spoilers Deploy: NO

[21:52:12utc] You have successfully logged in Mark Silva.
[22:15:40utc] Your flight to KBHB has now been started.
[22:15:40utc] Aircraft boarding in progress
[22:16:02utc] Detected aircraft taxiing
[22:26:59utc] Detected take-off roll, WIND 225/0kt
[22:27:12utc] Departing KBDL, IAS 98kt, G-force 1.07g, pitch -5.73deg, bank 0.1deg, VS 16fpm, HDG 315deg
[22:27:20utc] Aircraft at 300ft, IAS 110kt, GS 111kt, HDG 314deg, TAT 15deg, WIND 324/0kt
[22:27:24utc] Gear UP, IAS 116kt, GS 117kt, ALT 360ft
[22:27:49utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 136kt, GS 134kt, VS 1969fpm, ALT 930ft, PITCH -10.12deg, HDG 314deg, TAT 14deg, WIND 277/2kt
[22:32:59utc] Aircraft at 8740ft, IAS 151kt, GS 156kt, HDG 355deg, TAT -2deg, WIND 301/30kt
[23:02:50utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 8640ft, IAS 179kt, GS 206kt, HDG 033deg, VS -106fpm, TAT -3deg, WIND 304/41kt
[23:03:12utc] Aircraft at 8560ft, IAS 181kt, GS 208kt, HDG 034deg, TAT -3deg, WIND 304/41kt
[23:47:29utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 8330ft, IAS 182kt, GS 212kt, HDG 055deg, VS -1657fpm, TAT -6deg, WIND 291/14kt
[23:50:57utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 170kt
[23:52:08utc] Aircraft at 3380ft, IAS 133kt, GS 134kt, HDG 208deg, TAT 2deg, WIND 266/9kt
[23:53:06utc] Aircraft climbing, IAS 103kt, GS 101kt, VS 729fpm, ALT 3450ft, PITCH -7.94deg, HDG 314deg, TAT 1deg, WIND 264/9kt
[23:53:21utc] FLAPS UP, IAS 101kt
[23:54:42utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 4140ft, IAS 186kt, GS 196kt, HDG 015deg, VS -668fpm, TAT 2deg, WIND 273/7kt
[23:55:30utc] Aircraft at 3790ft, IAS 186kt, GS 198kt, HDG 027deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 267/8kt
[23:55:51utc] FLAPS 1, IAS 173kt
[23:56:16utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 3670ft, IAS 144kt, GS 157kt, HDG 074deg, VS -822fpm, TAT 2deg, WIND 265/8kt
[23:57:40utc] Aircraft at 2840ft, IAS 135kt, GS 134kt, HDG 188deg, TAT 3deg, WIND 244/9kt
[23:59:21utc] Gear DOWN, IAS 140kt, GS 136kt, ALT 2830ft
[23:59:27utc] Aircraft descending, ALT 2780ft, IAS 141kt, GS 136kt, HDG 207deg, VS -583fpm, TAT 4deg, WIND 237/10kt
[00:01:17utc] On approach, IAS 142, VS -728fpm, ALT 1500ft, pitch 1.62deg, HDG 205deg
[00:02:16utc] FLAPS 2, IAS 142kt
[00:02:26utc] FLAPS FULL, IAS 128kt
[00:03:43utc] Landed with a landing rate of -61fpm, touchdown speed 74kt, G-force 1.13g, pitch -6.27deg, bank 0.18deg
[00:03:52utc] Aircraft taxiing to the ramp
[00:08:10utc] Engine(s) shutdown
[00:08:10utc] Aircraft parked
[00:08:36utc] Landing lights OFF
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